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Illumeo views our partners as an extension of our team, playing an integral role in developing and educating today’s corporate professionals and tomorrow’s leaders. Illumeo’s partners represent a diverse range of companies and professional organizations that offer solutions and services across various geographies. We select our partners based on their specific domain expertise and experience. Together we enable our customers to become more knowledgeable, capable, and successful in their work and in their careers.

With the Illumeo Education Partner Program your organization can leverage our world-class education and development platform and industry-leading marketing programs to support your business growth, build your brand, distribute your educational content, and expand your product and service offering.


CFO Alliance

What Sets The CFO Alliance Apart?

We realize that as a CFO, time is the greatest asset you manage. For this reason, we are committed to quality, relevance, and efficiency in everything we offer our Members. We also maintain an open dialogue with our Members to gauge their interests and priorities so we can produce the best possible programs, content, case studies, speakers, and topics to stimulate valuable discussion with solid takeaways. Our membership is exclusive to senior-level financial executives, mostly CFOs, to ensure that you’re connecting with high quality contacts.

The combination of intimate in-person dialogue, a private online community, our member-driven editorial content, and personalized connections is unique to The CFO Alliance and not matched by any other finance organization

About CFO Alliance Membership

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The Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG)

The Financial Executives Networking Group was founded in 1991 as a forum for senior financial executives to share job opportunities and business experiences. Members hold / have held titles such as Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Treasurer, Managing Director, etc. All members have a minimum of 15 yrs of senior financial experience. The network’s 37,000+ members represent over 15,000 companies in a wide variety of industries, 70+ US cities and 9 foreign countries.

The FENG maintains a series of special interest groups (SIGs) composed of members from different industries (Manufacturing, Energy, Real Estate, Technology, etc.) and finance functions like Treasury, Tax, Asset Management, Risk, Audit, etc.

Members can attend meetings, search for other members with similar interests and communicate with other members through the FENG’s forum. See for member comments

The network is free to join for those who qualify. See Membership Application for the FENG.